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in Lofoten, Norway

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Skrei fiske i Svolvær -
Lofoten 2012

Fishing in Lofoten
with Nigel Hearn

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Norwegian Coalfish Adventures

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12 kilo plus cod from
Lofoten shore mark.
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Hi, and welcome to

No problem Sportfishing,

the site about fishing in Lofoten, Norway.

This cod weighed in at 25.76 kg, my PB, caught late april 2017 outside Laukvik on the western side of the Lofoten Islands. I was fishing at 60mt with a big bob shad. it was a bright sunny day with a north wind. This one was one of many good fish that day. It has taken a long time to break my PB, as i don't get to fish that much at that time of year.

Lofoten is really something special that I wish for every enthusiastic sportfisherman to experience. I will be glad to take you on guided fishing tours and always do my best to make every tour memorable. This website is set up to give you some of my fishing tips! Hope you enjoy it!

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