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in Lofoten, Norway

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Please return small fish back in the water. It is your fishing future!

Minimum sizes:

Cod: 44 cm
Halibut: 80 cm
Whiting: 32 cm
Redfish: 32 cm
Haddock: 40 cm
Dab: 23 cm

Halibut over 2 mt in lenght are now banned from landing, All fish must be put back, dead or alive (Norwegian fisheries department).

Bring home all rubbish! Don't throw it overboard!

Always wear a life jacket or a flotation suit!

Check the weather report before you go fishing!

Tell someone what time you expect to be back!

Bleeding the fish


Bleeding the fish gives you a good clean fillet and great quality.

Place forefinger in eye socket and thumb under chin. Bend back the fish's neck and cut the throat.

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