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Guided fishing trips


We do:

  • General fishing trips.
  • Deep water trips (over 100 mt).
  • Specimen hunting.
  • Species trips.
  • Family trips.
  • Catch and release.
  • Trip to Trollfjord including fishing.
  • 4-6 hour trips, daytime or evening.
  • Longer trips can be arranged.


General fishing trips

4 hrs = 2.800 NOK

6 hrs = 3.500 NOK

Special trips

Trollfjord and fishing = 3.500 NOK

(Max 6 passengers)

Broken rods, rods and reel lost over board will be charged for.
Lost pilks and traces = 200 NOK

Payment by cash, Vipps (Norway) or by arrangement.




Back ashore with your catch, it's time to fillet. 
Sometimes, if there is time, Nigel is able to help.

Ask for price!

"-I will take you to the best fishing spots where the big fish are."


I am familiar with the fishing waters after living and fishing in Lofoten since 1998. I will be glad to take you on a guided fishing tour. A trip normally takes about 4 - 6 hours and covers any of the areas around Kabelvåg, Svolvaer, Henningsvaer, Brettesnes, Skrova and/or Austnesfjord, depending on season and weather.

Bring your fishing gear and a lunchbox and enjoy the tour!



 Midnight fishing


Daytime fishing


Winter fishing

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