This coalfish was caught outside Henningsvaer at 30 m and it weighed in at 16,6 kg.
Taken on a shad, light tackle fishing, heavy spinning rod, fixed spool reel and 4 kg line.

Join us on a fishing adventure!

Lofoten is really something special that I wish for every enthusiastic sportfisher-man to experience. I will be glad to take you on guided fishing tours and always do my best to make every tour memorable. This website is set up to give you some of my fishing tips! Hope you enjoy it! Welcome in!  //NIgel

Professional guided tours

Let me take you to the places where the big fish are. I have been fishing in Lofoten since 1998, and are very familiar with the area. We take on advanced fishers, beginners, families, corporate groups etc.

Fishing tips from Nigel

This site was originally set up just to share my fising tips for different kinds of fishing, and for the different seasons. 

Hopefully you might get som good advice if you continue reading.

Our boats

At the moment we have two boats. One boat is for hire, only with skipper. The other one is made for six people and can be hired without skipper, if following the lead boat.

30 kg cod

25 kg cod

20+ kg club

The 20+ kilo club pin

You get this pin if you catch a fish over

20 kg on a guided tour with us.

We know where to catch them,
and will be glad to show you!

Word from guests

"Unforgettable fishing experience! Captain Nigel was very friendly and knowledgeable. Equipment was in good shape. We had no idea we were going to catch so much Cod! 100kg/220lbs!!! Flexible with pick up and drop off location also. Highly recommend! Thank you Captain for a awesome fishing trip!"  

Pam & Jason Brown

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